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Klimbos Gooi Eemland

Wouldn’t you want to be able to see the view from the treetops, securely fastened? On July 4th 2013 the highest and longest treetop adventure course in the Netherlands, the Klimbos Gooi Eemland, opened its gates. Visitors may choose from 8 different courses varying in height and length with the lowest course at 2 metres from the forest floor but with courses as high as 22,5 metres including 125 suspension bridges and a zipline over a stretch of 750 metres. They also offer a junior course, named the ‘van Oranje Course’. Children of 7 years and older are most welcome provided they measure 1.40 metres with their arms stretched.

The Klimbos Gooi Eemland is situated near the car park in front of the Theehuis ‘t Hooge Erf on the Hoge Vuurseweg.

Contact details:
Hoge Vuurseweg 9, Lage Vuursche (Baarn)
Telephone: (+31) (0)88 – 5546636
Email: gooieemland@klimbos.nl
Website: klimbosgooieemland.nl