Holiday Homes Pijnenburg Estate

Holiday Homes on Pijnenburg Estate

On the Pijnenburg Estate five holiday homes are available for short term rent. Every home is situated in the beautiful countryside of the estate with views on fields and woods. The houses are the perfect base for discovering the environments. Cities and villages like Hilversum, Baarn and Soest are near.

De Beuk (The Beech)

This semi-detached cottage with characteristic red and green shutters offers a view over peaceful meadows and greenery.

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Vakantiehuis De Beuk
Vakantiehuis De Eik

De Eik (The Oak)

This semi-detached cottage with its distinctive red and green shutters was drastically renovated in 2012 en refurbished again 2017.

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De Lariks  (The Larch)

This cosy cottage offers a lovely view over meadows and woodland where one may spot wildlife or see the farmer at work. It is suitable for two people. You may bring along a maximum of two pets.

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Vakantiehuis De Lariks
Vakantiehuis Dennenoord

Dennenoord  (Pinetree spot)

This charming freestanding cottage has a thatched roof and distinct red and green shutters. It offers its tenants tranquility and a wide view over the meadows and woodlands.

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