Visit and Experience the Pijnenburg Estate

Visit and Experience the Pijnenburg Estate

The largest part of the Pijnenburg Estate is open to those who love nature and tranquility. Naturally there are a few rules one must take into account. In the area of the estate known as ’t Hooge Erf you may find the tea lodge ’t Hooge Erf, an area for open-air events (Feelgood Tent Event) and a treetop adventure course (Klimbos Gooi en Eemland). Recent research shows that the woodlands around Baarn and Lage Vuursche are the most popular in all the Province of Utrecht with 2 millions visits a year and the highest marks. 

Access to the Estate

The estate welcomes lovers of the outdoors. On the estate we have 3 kilometers of a hardened bicycle track for cyclists and 5,5 kilometers of bridle paths for riders.

At the Theehuis ‘t Hooge Erf (the tea lodge) which is near the corner of the Hilversumse Straatweg with the Hoge Vuurseweg you will find a T.O.P. information column. On this column you may find information on hiking, cycling en bridle paths as well as a short history of the area.

To be able to protect and maintain the estate there are some do’s and do’nts

You are most welcome on the Pijnenburg Estate:

  • between sunrise and sunset
  • on the indicated paths and tracks
  • on foot, on your bicycle or on your horse on the bridle paths, but not on a motorcycle, a scooter or any other motorized vehicle including a bicycle with pedal support
  • with your dog(s) on a leash, with a maximum of three dogs per walker.

You may not :

  • put up camping gear or windshields
  • carry a musical device which is switched on, unless you are wearing a headset
  • leave trash behind
  • smoke, make an open fire or barbecue
  • offer merchandise or services
  • harm or damage anything
  • reap, pluck or harvest fruits of the forest, mushrooms, ferns, etc.
  • unsettle or frighten animals.

The estate is patrolled and the compliance with these regulations will be checked and enforced.

Article 461 of the Wetboek van Strafrecht (Criminal Code) applies.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

Bad Weather Conditions

For reasons of your personal safety we advise you not to enter the grounds of the Pijnenburg Estate during bad weather conditions, such as storms, glazed frost, heavy snowfall, strong winds or other bad weather conditions which might cause branches to break or trees to fall.

Horse Riders

Bridle paths have been created between Hilversum, Baarn, Soest and Lage Vuursche, view the map below. The paths in green are on the Pijnenburg Estate, the paths in blue on the adjacent terrains.

> Display bridle paths (ruiterpaden) on larger map.

IMPORTANT! As per 1 January 2023 there is a new policy regarding horse riders: The Pijnenburg Estate signed a partnership agreement with Nationaal Park Utrechtse Heuvelrug which entails that from the above-mentioned date the horse rider’s token or vignette will be obtained from the Nationaal Park Utrechtse Heuvelrug (NPUH) instead of directly from the Estate as was the case up till now. This can be done very easily through the NPUH website.

Furthermore, the NPUH will carry out the maintenance of the bridlepaths and the surrounding trees and will be responsible as well as liable for their state and condition. Please communicate any remarks or wishes you might have regarding the bridlepaths to the NPUH. You may find the link to the NPUH website below:


By Car

You may easily reach the Pijnenburg Estate by car from the highways A1 and A27. Near the tea lodge Theehuis ’t Hooge Erf (Hoge Vuurseweg 9 – 11, 3749 AB Lage Vuursche) is a parking lot with electrical chargers for your car.

From the A27 Breda – Almere
Take Exit ‘Hilversum’. Keep to the right. At the third traffic lights, go right direction ‘Baarn’ on the N415. The three traffic lights are within half a kilometer of each other, the 2nd traffic lights are not always in use. After around 3 kilometres, take a right at the traffic lights, direction ‘Lage Vuursche’ onto the Hoge Vuurseweg. Within 150 meters turn right onto the parking lot of the Theehuis ‘t Hooge Erf.

From the A28 Zwolle – Utrecht
at Knooppunt (Interchange) Hoevelaken go onto the A1 in the direction Amsterdam, then take Exit 10 Baarn Noord/Soest. Take a left, follow the road in the direction Baarn. Keep going straight ahead at the roundabout (N221). At the first traffic lights go right in the direction Hilversum/Lage Vuursche. Follow the road until the traffic lights opposite Castle “de Hooge Vuursche”. Turn left in the direction Lage Vuursche and within 150 metres turn right onto the parking lot of Theehuis ‘t Hooge Erf.

From the A1 coming from Amsterdam
Take the Exit 10 Baarn Noord/Soest. Thereafter as above.

By Bicycle

You may access the estate by bicycle from the Hilversumse Straatweg (N415) or from the Hooge Vuurseweg.
You may recharge your electrical bicycle near the Theehuis.
The estate is closed to bicycles coming from the Biltseweg (N234).

By Bus

  • Connexxion nr 59 (Hilversum, Station Hilversum – Zeist, Station Zeist) Busstop in the Lage Vuursche Dorp (Village) & Busstop Lage Vuurse, Hoge Vuurseweg, near the Theehuis ’t Hooge Erf (the tea lodge).
  • Connexxion nr 70 (Hilversum, Station Hilversum – Amersfoort, Station Amersfoort) Busstop Lage Vuursche, Hoge Vuurseweg.